Since 1965 we have delivered these flexible full-service management solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

construction-squarePROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Diligent handling of the day-to-day property management tasks ensures successful and profitable operation of properties. These include building and site maintenance, lease administration, on-site management, collection of rents, payment of operating expenses and, of course, formal reporting to the owner.


Asset management activities include leasing, property tax assessment appeals, arranging financing and re-financing and project management for expansion; major renovations; tenant improvement co-ordination; redevelopment, rezoning and due diligence on the acquisition of new investment properties.

By combining both the professional property management and asset management functions our experienced team ensures a secure and sound investment with a strong focus on value.


We have strong working relationships with many specialized real estate brokerage companies and agents. Our experience with this broad spectrum of specialists allows us to recruit the best match for your requirements and market. Working closely with them on your behalf, we help you achieve the right tenant mix.

In addition to administering lease agreements and managing vacancies in your properties, we can negotiate their sale or purchase. As we do with leasing arrangements, we may collaborate with specialized brokerage companies or agents if that option is in your best interests.


We undertake development projects by utilizing a core of professional consultants and contractors — many of whom we have worked with on previous projects. This ensures the flexibility and variety essential for the diverse locations of our managed properties. It also ensures cost effective design/construction to the benefit of our investor clients.


We create a road map to help you reach a clearly defined objective. This can include 5-year capital planning, scheduling upgrades, cash-flow/cost balancing, and tenant comfort/satisfaction, which provides improved tenant retention. All of these initiatives ultimately increase the market value of your assets.

As part of the project co-ordination, we provide monthly accounting reports and schedules showing progress costs and cost to complete. These are highly endorsed by lenders and the calibre of these reports facilitates prompt payment of progress draws.


The principals of Gulf Pacific have a 50% interest in Enerpro Systems Corp. — North America’s only provider of full-service, intelligent, energy management programs for new construction and infrastructure upgrades in retrofitted buildings.

This association was forged to reduce operating costs in our clients’ properties. The Enerpro system reduces consumption of electricity, gas, and water – resulting in significantly lower operating costs. This system is now used in many of our clients’ properties, providing environmental benefits and cost controls, and resulting in improved market values.

Enerpro has a number of LEED AP accredited employees who are considered an ‘extension’ of Gulf Pacific’s property management staff.


The industry experience of Gulf Pacific’s senior team helps us identify potentially costly issues that improve your negotiating position in property acquisitions. These can be as obvious as major capital expenditures or as subtle as shifting demographics that could result in higher vacancies and lower demand.

We also conduct tenant interviews, which reveal operating and performance concerns not often discovered without these direct interactions.

We identify new or under-developed opportunities that can be capitalized on soon after acquisition. Recognizing untapped potential, acquiring assets for the best possible price, maximizing their revenue potential, and minimizing their operating costs while you own them can make a substantial difference between an acceptable ROI and a great one.